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Happy Birthday to All - Huge 50% Off Sale @ Skinthesis!

Hello world, I'm your wild girl...well, not really -- but I've had that song in my head all day : P

Anyway, on to the exciting news - a big sooooprise for the menfolk (& the women who like to pretend to be menfolk sometimes too!) -- the Make Him Over Hunt 5th editon has begun & will last from today, November 20th till December 20th, & Skinthesis is proud & honored to be be a part of it!

Here's a little promo teaser of the skin available for the event, along with a little hint as to the location: 'All Eyes Are On You!' Just look for the gold male symbol for this special-edition skin that is a fun peek at upcoming new releases ; )

Aside from that, I'm sad to report there are no other new releases for this week...

HOWEVER -- I think I've got something even better for you : D
In celebration of my approaching birthday irl, I'm throwing a little impromptu sale from now through Monday -- in which EVERY ITEM IN THE STORE (aside from charity items & those by other artists*) is now marked down to 50% off!!!
Plus, there are 8 skins marked down to 50L as well for the TGIF weekend deals!

So, have fun, beat the black friday rush, & grab some awesome deals on all those skins & eyes you've been lusting after.

As always, have a great weekend (& Turkey Day for those of you in the U.S.!) & thanks for your support and encouragement...

--Cane Sutter
Skinthesis Owner/Creator
Live Your Dreams @ Skinthesis In-World

Oh, & dont' forget to check out the new shape boutique [Mama Made Me Do It] as they still have the dollarbie female shape out, along with marking down the prices of the othes to only 10L! A little birdie told me that a new one will be released sometime tomorrow, as well ; )

In Celebration of Reaching 2000+ Subscribers @ Skinthesis...

It's the weekend, & you know that means newness, but this time it's NEW newness, as in some fresh new faces here @ Skinthesis!

I've been working hard to get these ready for you, & now I'm proud to introduce you to our new male & female skin lines --
Helena & Roland!

This first mini-collection is inspired by many things -- henna, celtic art, & christmas ornaments just to name a few -- I hope I've done them justice! So w/o further adieu, here's a little peek at The Elvenwood Collection - the first fantasy skins now available in our new faces....

More color options coming soon, but these will definitely whet your appetite ; )

Better yet, a special edition -- Firecaster (named after a dear friend!) -- will also be available free in both our group notices & as a gift when you click on any of our subscriber kiosks scattered around the store. I hope you have fun with them, the colors are great for celebrating the season!

Firecaster - Current Group Gifts @ Skinthesis

Dealing in these lovely fall tones for the gift skins got me in an Autumnal mood, so ladies, be sure to grab this week's TGIF 50L deal too - great makeup that should be in every girl's wardrobe this time of year...Just follow hte blue arrows as always!

For all you shape collectors out there, be sure to drop by and check out some of the edgy new female shapes by an up-and-coming shapemaker - one's even a dollarbie!

That's all for the newness this week, but rest assured more is comin soon...

As always, have a great weekend & TY for all your support & encouragement!

--Cane Sutter
Skinthesis Owner/Creator
Live You Dreams @ Skinthesis In-World

Give 'Em The Old Evil Eye @ Skinthesis!

Hey sweetpeas, the weekend is here, & of course that means new deals & goodies ; )

This week's newness features the lovely & shining Fathoms Eyes Collection dark creature editions with near-black sclera! The same glimmering, deeply refractive colors, only now with a dark bluish/blackish backdrop to add drama & mistique to those avatars who perhaps aren't all sugar and spice? LOL, anyway, here's a teaser:

Check Out the New Night Fathoms Eyes @ Skinthesis

One color is free, so be sure to drop by & grab it (especially with Halloween coming up!)

Next up, a 50L TGIF skin deal that's near & dear to my heart - one of the recently-released ball joint doll skins - a somewhat grimey & decayed specimen available in both male & female version at this price for a limited time only...just follow the blue arrows...

Also, just a little reminder of the special release (was originally planned for last friday but was a bit delayed!) - the FrankenFairy Project - a collaborative effort between Skinthesis, Frippery, Evie's Closet, Angelwing, & No Strings Attached! This was so much fun to deisign & build together, & if you haven't checked it out yet I fully recommend it, & kiosks can be found at any one of our stores ; )

Check Out the FrankenFairy Project @ Skinthesis

Last, but certainly not least, be sure to remember to grab the special 'Think Pink' inspired fantasy skin & eyes, which are now located at our main store. The skin & eyes both are transfer for easy gifting, & half of all proceeds go to support Breast Cancer Awareness with the Susan G. Komen Foundation! Skin is 200L & eyes are 20L, perfect for donating to charity & grabbing a great deal at the same time ; )

Help Fight Breast Cancer @ Skinthesis


--Cane Sutter
Skinthesis Owner/Creator
Live Your Dreams @ Skinthesis In-World

It Was A Graveyard Smash @ Skinthesis!

It's almost Halloween, & as I said last week, something awesome this way comes...& it's here!

Skinthesis is proud to be a part of a collaborative effort with Evie's Closet, Angelwing, Frippery, & No Strings Attached to bring you the cutest little corpses you've ever seen for everyone's favorite costumed holiday ; )

Behold -- The FrankenFairy Project!

Two cute (though slightly dead) fantasy avatars guaranteed to make you smile & your candy bucket to fill up fast....Have fun, mix & match various pieces to get the look you want, & enjoy the possibilities -- it's like Mary Shelly & Tinkerbell had babies!

Here's a couple of teaser images to give you an idea:

Skin & Ear sets, Eyes, Hair, & Shoes available from Skinthesis:

An ethereal & spooky gown from Evie's Closet:

A fun & playful mini-dress from Angelwing:

Intricate & haunting prim wings, bracelets, & neck bolts from Frippery:

Morbidly cute poses for the undead fae by No Strings Attached:

Check Out The FrankenFairy Project @ Skinthesis

So drop by & sample our wares when you get a chance ; )
I promise it's a most electifying experience *muah hahaha haha*

Also, I'm keeping the 50L friday deal (a lovely Carnivale-inspired gothic skin & dress set) up through thursday, just follow the blue arrows!

Happy Shocktober,

--Cane Sutter
Skinthesis Owner/Creator
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The Legend of El Fantasmagorico...

Hey again compadres, it's friday, & I have some gifties for you. It was a hard week in RL, so I didn't get to prepare a big new release for you, but that doesn't mean I wasn't thinking of you!

To compliment the new Deathmask Collection released last week, I have a wee soooprize -- some cute animated sequin eyes free as a gift for a limited time to perfectly compliment the Sugar Skull skins (now marked down to half price through the weekend!)

The female goth skins 'Spider' in all 8 tones are still available for 50L each through Friday as well, & 2 other skins - one of the most popular colors in the fantasy Sidhe line - is available in both male & female versions for 50L throughout the weekend! Great for Autumn lovers as the colors are inspired by the fall foliage ; )

Just follow the blue arrows!

And next friday, be prepared - gsomething special this way comes *mua ha haha ha aa * dissolves into coughing*

As always, have a great weekend,

--Cane Sutter
Skinthesis Creator/Owner
Live Your Dreams @ Skinthesis In-World

Beauty's Only Skin Deep....

Hello my beloved ghouls & boils, it's the first day of October, & you know what that means....

Copious Amounts of Candy. Endless Horror Film Marathons. We Get To Play Dressup & It's Even Socially Acceptable. Yayyy!

So, to kick off the spirit of things, I decided to put a lil' spin on the usual 50L TGIF deal routine. This weekend, instead of 1 skin for 50L, I've chosen one of my fave gothic looks & marked ALL 8 tones down! So, vamp up & strut your stuff ladies ; ) Please note: I haven't been able to update the blogs till now due to RL circumstances, so will leave these at 50L till Friday for anyone who didn't get the in-world notices last friday!

Just follow the blue arrows...

On to the newness - It's been an UBER busy week preparing for all kinds of hunts & events. For all you creepers out there, I proudly present a fun (ya know, in a morbid sort of way : P) group of skins in the new Deathmask Collection. It includes 5 styles available for purchase in both male & female versions, plus 2 bonus styles that are only available in current hunts ; )

Here's a teaser:

Note about the special Hunt editions:

VDH (Voodoo Hunt) is gridewide & Skinthesis is #91 along the way. Find the burlap cloth voodoo doll & you'll get the male & female verions along with a little surprise.

The Nevermore Haunted House Hunt is fun for all - an awesome haunted house you can explore & gather goodies along the way ; ) Eyes included with skins. Visit the Nevermore Haunted House!

Last, but certainly not least, there's a fabulous Fair/Hunt event for Breast Cancer Awareness at Mystic Atlantis. Lots of deals to be had on all kinds of great stuff, plus at least 50% of all proceeds go to charity!

Here's my contribution to the cause, a special edition skin & matching set of eyes for fairies & other pretty creatures. The fun part? The skin is only 200L AND Transfer - so you can gift it to all your friends & fight cancer at the same time! Here's a peek:

That's all for now, I bid you adieu & wish you much wicked fun in Shocktober ; )

--Cane Sutter
Skinthesis Owner/Creator
Visit Us In-World & Live Your Dreams @ Skinthesis

Welcome to the Dark Side...

Hey sweetpeas, it's been a rough week, LOL, having some computer issues : P

But, I battled my naughty notebook all night in order to get the new gothy versions of the popular Dollie Eyes out for your dressup pleasure! October is coming fast, & that means Halloween & costumes & lots of fun spooky events soon *happy squeals & jigs of anticipation*

Here's a little preview of the Night Dollie Collection, which includes all the paperweighted goodness of the originals, but now with a dark sclera for all you creatures & assorted dark entities out there : D

Check Out the Night Dollie Eyes @ Skinthesis

One color is free as a sample for you to demo the look, so be sure to drop by and grab 'em!

As for this weekend's 50L TGIF skin deals, I have one of my faves up on the sale board in both male & female versions. If you like to dress as anything from orcs to merfolk, be sure to check it out--I guarantee it'll have everyone around you seeing green ; )

Lots more coming soon (if my computer will kindly cooperate--please cross your fingers for me!), and as always have a great weekend,

--Cane Sutter
Skinthesis Owner/Creator
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